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Eons ago, Mahadeva, the King of the Gods, created The Whorl and set it adrift in the Endless Void, filling it with his children and his favored mortals. It is said that the Whorl was to transport them all to a vast and beautiful paradise, but that such a journey would take countless generations. Mahadeva's children became impatient, however, and they rebelled against their father and there was war in heaven. None now know if the Whorl continues to Paradise, but all who live within must trust in The Gods and in Mahadeva's Angels that the course of the Whorl is maintained.

The Campaigns
Agents of the Ministry of Culture of the Kingdom of Mithila
Agents of the Inquisition of the City of Lankha

The Setting

This campaign uses the rules contained in the D&D 5th Edition Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Xanathar's Guide to Everything, and Volo's Guide to Monsters, supplemented with Unearthed Arcana articles.

Main Page

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