The Whorl

Game 56 - The Laborer

7,500 XP = Total: 225,090 XP - Level 17

I just KNEW that stalking my new favorite mortal and his friends would pay off with something dramatically fun! I've lured countless mortals into my clutches for a year and a day over the millenia and very few of them were nearly as entertaining as Vinihata… and the secrets I got in my bargains with his friends led to the most anger I've been able to feel in ages! My fight with Queen Aranyani was epic! Or at least it was for a little while.

So, when she told me that they had asked her to send an envoy to some obscure demiplane to talk, I jumped at the chance. Sure, we had no idea what they wanted to talk about, but Queen Aranyani has been… really twitchy of late… something one of her warlocks has stumbled into which she's being uncharacteristically quiet about… whatever. I was certain that whatever dear, sweet Vinihata wanted to discuss would be amazing.

First of all, the demiplane where we met was really nice! White marble steam baths in the old Bharatan style. It must have been floating there in the Astral for thousands of years, unused. Good on them for finding it. They then asked me if we could help them kill The Vimana! Head Archdevil of all the Archdevils! And they apparently had a way to make it stick, permanent soul-death! wow!

So we got down to the hard bargaining. Turns out their initial idea of having the faeries harass the Vimana's allies in the mortal world wouldn't work so well seeing as there's a lack of summoners and anchors. But if there's one thing we're really good at it's breaking the rules of spirit realms. The ultimate deal ended up being this: I would go to a demiplane freshly conjured by Xedris and mess with the settings such that, at my signal, the time ratio would accelerate allowing the whole fight to be over in mortal moments, and also harden the walls so that nobody could plane-shift OUT, and anyone who tried to plane-shift IN would be diverted to the Feywild to be playthings for my compatriots.

So, a trap. They seemed to think they had a way to force the Vimana to answer a summons (and wow did they). So it seems that Tamra the Copper had been sitting on a giant battery of magical power. She installed it in the floor out of sight to help power the summoning ritual, as well as their magical assaults on their target. I was REALLY looking forward to playing with THAT once the fight was over… I was also looking forward to playing the game of "what will you give me to let you out of this trap I created for you…" hee.

It all went pretty much according to plan. They thugged some young descendants of the Vimana and used their blood in a blood-magic-augmented summoning that siphoned Tamra's battery to force the Vimana to respond despite his legendary resistance to being manipulated in such a way. At that point I snapped my fingers, trapping everyone inside, and watched the fight!

You know, I mostly expected them to all die messily, but they really did good on the planning. The magical feast they ate beforehand kept the Vimana's poisonous attacks from rendering them blind and deaf, and Xedris drew a LOT of power from Tamra's battery to power some really potent magic to make everyone immune to the Vimana's mind-control. Without those tools, he just had an enormous acid-scythe and a really fiery gaze. Oh, and some spells, but they didn't work so well either.

Also, Panja summoned up Kali's handmaiden. She's creepy. I like her.

So, my playthings… er, pets… er, allies won, and Tavi the Terrible proved how terrible she could be by sucking up the Vimana's soul into a REALLY fascinating dagger, and then EATING IT. Nice! She practically radiated menace after that. She's truly earned her epithet I think. The most impressive bit, though, was how they won my special game. Tavi gave me some smutty romance books I haven't read before as a diversion, but MOSTLY it was the giant battery AND the three unconscious high-elf kids they left behind that proved most diverting… at least until Tamra showed up and called in the favor I owe her to get the battery back. I think it still had about half the power left in it.

I'm a little surprised that Xedris didn't go after his own ancestor, the Thrannis, but I guess with blood-magic in play he opted to be safe. Rumor has it, though, that right after leaving here they went back to their Bharatan baths and met up with allies who let Tavi eat the Thrannis as well. I wonder if she's getting a taste for arch-devils? Wouldn't THAT be fun…



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