The Whorl

Game 53 - The Mirror

7,500 XP = Total: 202,230 XP - Level 16

Mistress Nyx,

We began surveillance of Saint Saatvik and his companions in prayer-room Aleph where you deposited them. It appeared at first as if the group was engaged in idle conversation about the source of the powers displayed by one of their number, the monk Vinihata, while Saint Saatvik himself engaged in prayer. Things… escalated.

It seems as if Sarasvati had a very detailed message to deliver. I was not, of course, privy to the contents of any theophanies that occurred in the room, but I DO know that the other four were rapidly caught up in it, apparently without their acquiescence. As they stared into space, emotions playing across their visages, Vinihata pulled out what appeared to be a palm-sized curved sheet of copper and began rubbing it intensely. 

That's when the being your sources reliably identify as Tamra the Copper walked into the prayer room and was swept up into whatever divine conversation was happening.

At one point Vinihata twitched as if experiencing existential pain. At another point, all the decorative plants in the room spontaneously died and the spine that Panja carries slung through his belt began to drip fresh gore on the carpet. We surmise Kali joined the conversation.

At one point Saatvik pulled out of his bag a small metal cube that practically radiated power and held it out as if offering it to an unseen person. We suspect he was showing one of the goddesses in his vision.

They finally emerged from their group vision and Tamra fled the room. I have no idea what might frighten a Great Dragon, but I imagine it has something to do with Kali's involvement. Then Nymea, a low-ranking cleric of Chinnamasta entered the room having, apparently, received a theophany of her own. Her message to the Saint and his companions was that "[[:nezumi | Nekumi]] has a cult of drow dedicated to your goals." Nymea herself seemed to have no idea what her message meant, and was merely conveying Chinnamasta's will to the Saint and his companions. She left as quickly as she arrived. The Saint and his companions seemed to understand the message's significance, as they rapidly gathered themselves and teleported away. I gathered from their comments that they were returning to Videha where an associate of theirs can get them into the Underworld.

On a personal note, I have to say this was perhaps the most terrifying surveillance operation of my career. Please advise.


Mistress Nekumi,

We leave this letter here, in your new temple, with all due apologies. You and your companions departed with Halberd on an errand of some significance, and we could not wait for your return. We are, nonetheless, heartened by the providence which placed into our hands the means by which to pursue the task to which you have bent us. 

To whit, one of the other two bands of Chosen came to us. They claimed that they had the means, now, to open a gate to Elemental Earth where they intended to slay the usurper Rama I. They had no knowledge of the forces arrayed against such an attempt and sought our aid. We rejoice in the opportunity to be the vanguard of a force that may, eventually, repair death itself and permit is to partake in Chinnamasta's grace. If you find this letter before we return, know that we shall do all in our power to fulfill the goals you have set for us.

In Chinnamasta's Glorious Name,





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