The Whorl

Game 47 - The Nawab

6,160 XP = Total: 166,200 XP - Level 15


Despite hosting them for the entirety of the journey downriver and across the Bright Sea to Trimurti, I still do not have a firm idea of what their agenda might be. Their desire to address the sudden proliferation of Arch-devils seems apparent not only because they took my temple-ship which was also providing passage to the Viloba's most visible pawn but also in the mere fact of their destination, a city they have little reason to visit aside from the fact that the Thrannis is rather publicly living there. This assumption was further supported by the research efforts of Xedris Thrannis during the journey, who sought books on blood magic presumably to gird himself against meeting his demonic ancestor. 

But it's one thing to know WHAT this band of powerful, meddlesome sorts is seeking it's quite another thing to know WHY. And I fear that after stalking them through the crowded streets of Trimurti (by proxy, of course) for an entire day I'm no closer to understanding the why of it. Do they seek to help or hinder the Archdevils? One among their number is the Viloba's summoner, although I fear that distinction has already been lost. One among their number is a descendant of the Thrannis. These facts might support a hypothesis that they are in league with the Archdevils in pursuing some inscrutable scheme. And yet, they seem to have the favor of Sarasvati, Soma, and a host of other Gods who would never support open collaboration with the most powerful generals of their ancient foe. 

Sadly, my best mercenary agent got careless and was made as she skulked after them through the bazaar (where they bought an… eclectic assortment of jeweled clothing and books). She wasn't confronted, though, before she'd had an opportunity to track them to a dinner meeting with an agent of infernal powers, a cambion living under the guise of a low-level smuggler and criminal. She was unable to hear their true conversation as it was done through the use of the drug "link", which connects mental and emotional states. Whatever agenda the cambion wished to pass on to them, or they wished to pass to the cambion, was concealed under an apparent group binge.

After that, they split up. Some of them came to the Temple of Sarasvati here in Trimurti seeking political and social information from the local high priest, and to enjoy a meet-and-greet with the various priests and paladins who hold them in esteem, particularly the churches of Ratri and Ravana. The others, consisting of Xedris, the monk Vinihata, and the crimelord Tavi Agarwal went to the Thrannis estate. 

I will, of course, continue to keep what eyes I can on them. They are, for better or for worse, powerful agents of change. Their whims can have devastating effect if not sufficiently anticipated.  


Your Loving Sister



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