The Whorl

Game 30 - The Marriage Bed

4,200 XP = Total: 85,440 XP - Level 11

Shogun Seidou Niko

This is my preliminary report on Lankha's ad-hoc joint-diplomatic mission to Elemental Earth. More details will be forthcoming in our personal audience, but I know how devoted the Shogunate is to record-keeping. 

For those records, then, some brief background: former-shogun Seidou Tamsin, in his role as diplomate to the Horde, reported that the Hordemaster Whisper had come into some intelligence that caused him to mobilize an elite military force. Honored Tamsin had thought hostilities at a stalemate and was concerned for our fragile peace and so inquired, but the target of Whisper's ire was not Lankha, but rather the somewhat incredible possibility that Mahadeva, the King of Gods, thought long-dead, might shortly be resurrected. Whisper had reason to believe that the King of the Gods might not remember the Monster races kindly, and Whisper considered his resurrection an existential threat. His intention was to lead a strike force into Elemental Earth to find the corpse of Mahadeva and destroy it.

All of this came as something of a sudden surprise to Honored Tamsin, not to mention everyone here in Lankha's court. Shogun Nico ordered a complementary party to accompany Whisper to see if a diplomatic solution might be possible. She ordered me, Inquisitor Jade, to lead this party. I selected Giniro Toshiko to transport us, as she is, perhaps, the only wizard in Lankha with both the requisite magic and esoteric knowledge to lead us safely to a godrealm that has, until apparently recently, been inaccessible. I also brought a representative of the other 9 Dragonborn houses so nobody felt left out. 

So. My report. We arrived in Elemental Earth with our party at about the same time that Whisper's gate opened as well. We were met, much to our surprise, by a mixed force of drow elves and other Underworld denizens who have apparently occupied Elemental Earth. The place was also buzzing with fae from the Feywild. The place was far more populated than I had anticipated, and apparently this was the case for Whisper as well, who immediately started playing for time so more of his forces could come through the gate.

Rapidly responding to our arrival was a collection of individuals I had certainly not expected to encounter here. You might recall the ad hoc group of Inquisition agents I recruited just before the return of Night. Five of them came to treat with us. I do not know what became of Rajeev Two Notes, but the others seemed to be in charge of this joint Underworld / Feywild activity, as both parties deferred to them. As Whisper and I started to negotiate, however, more visitors appeared.

Three horrific monstrosities taking the form of immense, floating, fleshy eyeballs with smaller eyeballs on stalks appeared in the company of a pair of giants and a dozen mean, fey-looking creatures. The floating eyes spoke Common well enough, and exuded a strangely insufferable pomposity despite their horrific appearance. Their speech reminded me, actually, of Tamoki the Gold's preferred oratory style. In any event, Lady Toshiko clearly knew of them. They introduced themselves as "Sathish", apparently speaking and behaving as one. They indicated a desire to take part in these negotiations. I noted that Whisper seemed surprised to see the giants, so they were not a part of his horde, nor a part of his plans. 

After the brief alarm their appearance caused, negotiations continued. Whisper laid out his concerns for existential annihilation based on his understanding of Mahadeva's opinions before his demise. He noted that none of the negotiators were human, and even included our own party in the "monster" category. In fact, it was pointed out, I was the sole human in the entire room. Under Whisper's understanding, Mahadeva would have good cause to kill or forcibly convert to human everyone in the room other than me. He was not going to allow that to happen.

The negotiators countered, saying that they had consulted the corpse of Mahadeva, which apparently contained all of his vast knowledge, and had come to the conclusion that extermination was not likely (although there were side-eyes toward the three Sathish's). Whisper was, unsurprisingly, unwilling to take their word for it. 

At that point, Ballast did something incredible. It claimed that it could tap into Mahadeva's dead mind right then and there and answer whatever questions Whisper had for the King of the Gods. It cautioned us to keep our questions specific lest the flow of knowledge burn out it's mind. It then cast a potent spell and the power that radiated from it was palpable. Nobody could realistically deny that it spoke with the voice of a god.

In the subsequent question-and-answer session the god-speaking-through-Ballast used a number of terms that edged on secrets I've only heard whispers of. It seems the amount of variation between the races is, in the eyes of the King of the Gods, insufficient to consider them "inhuman" with the exception of the Forged. Again, there was a pointed look toward the Sathish's but nothing was said. Apparently resurrection is necessary because the world needs to set a "new course" for a new paradise and it needs its "Captain." There was the strong inferrence that the relatively low population of the Whorl was also a factor in leaving the various non-human races alone, and Mahadeva indicated that over tens of thousands of years "genetic drift" could be managed toward "convergence" which I take to mean the various races slowly becoming more human over time. 

This didn't please Whisper, but it did placate him. He grudgingly agreed to leave Mahadeva's resurrection to the forces currently working toward that goal and led his army away. We followed shortly thereafter, but I immediately asked Toshiko if she could plane-shift with me elsewhere in Elemental Earth. I wanted to know what the monstrous eyeballs would do.

It seems they were set on destroying Mahadeva's corpse. What ensued was a short but very violent fight which Toshiko and I observed from afar. The Sathish's clearly believed they could dissolve Mahadeva's corpse with some sort of anti-magic effect of their central eyes, notwithstanding the significant force of drow and fey opposing them. This was cut short, however, when Aranyani called upon Parvati to "revoke her gift." It seems these monstrous eye-creatures were created a long time ago with the collaboration of at least one god. Parvati revoked her gift of "Endless Birth" preventing the slain Sathish's from reforming immediately upon death, and the three were put down with overwhelming force. Mahadeva's corpse was left mostly intact. Toshiko and I left before we were noticed by the fey. 

My summary: My former agents have risen far in the world, and it would seem that, for better or for worse, the fate of us all rests in their hands. 



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