The Whorl

Game 28 - The Date Palm

5,000 XP = Total: 76,240 XP

Well, we just returned from the Duskward Outpost to speak to the third team. I think they'll be a bit more of a challenge to get on board, but there's some common ground.

The sticking points appear to be the Forged cleric Ballast and the halfling Kalki. Both seem heavily invested in immortality. For Ballast, it appears to be a need for personal apotheosis. For Kalki it's all wrapped up in a personal sense of justice. I tried giving my point of view on the subject but I either didn't get through to them due to a personal failure to eloquently explain why immortality is a far worse injustice than the current system or because our points of view are just fundamentally incompatible. 

Or maybe I'm wrong. Who knows.

Anyway, it's not like we don't have our own internal disagreements. We've learned to work together despite them, and it appears that the duskward team has done much the same. From what little he said, Vihaan Naraka might be the most sympathetic to our position. Laith Sidana expressed a… strangely optimistic nihilism I didn't expect, but suddenly makes a lot more sense in light of her warlock patron. Nekumi seemed to side with Kalki when it comes to a philosophy of individual agency, but disagreed with Ballast in what seemed more like reflex at this point. 

Well, there's little point in obsessing over our disagreements until we have a viable plan of action. The gods are repairing the physical structures. We need to get on with our current efforts to reconstruct Mahadeva, which means removing the biggest obstacle currently in our way. It's time to talk about our assault on the Thrannis. I'll open the floor to ideas… 



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