Wandering Ascetic


Vinihata is a young man of average height, fit from years of rigorous training and strict meditation. Like all members of his order, he shaves his scalp, and tends to wear loose, flowing robes, eschewing both arms and armor.

Both his arms are sleeved in winding tattoos: the right in stylized, interlocking lotus blossoms, the left in a writhing flock of black-feathered ravens, the symbols of his denomination. When traveling, he tends to keep his arms covered, lest knowledge of his faith solicit specific reactions from the world around him.

The purest insight is that which is discovered unsought.


Like all the men and women of his order, Vinihata once had a different name and a different life. He gave it all up, sundering his past connections, divesting himself of all his worldly goods, and surrendering his very name, so as to come to his contemplations as a tabular rasa, with as few preconceptions as possible.

His name was chosen by chance; a random word selected from a random book, that means “A Calamity Caused by Heaven.” It was seen to be an auspicious naming. And so, when the elders of his order received a sign that it was time to send one of their own into the world, the better to study the weft and weave of fate from outside their sheltered halls, there were many who nodded sagely when Vinihata’s name was drawn by lot.

He must venture into the Whorl, traveling where happenstance takes him, keen to the lessons of his twin patron goddesses, so thgat, if it is his fate, he might eventually return to his Monastery and share his new wisdoms into the interconnectedness of all things.


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