The Whorl

Game 52 - The Daughter

5,400 XP = Total: 194,730

Aishwarya, cousin,

It's been some time since we've corresponded. I don't think it would be useful to recount the insults we exchanged at our last encounter a century or so ago so let me merely state that I have not suddenly forgotten our enmity. It would seem, however, that events propel me to reach out to you on behalf of a goal that is to our mutual good.

Considering his whorl-spanning travels of late, it would not surprise me to learn if you have recently encountered my darling little brother [[:xedris-somabhakta | Xedris]]. Even if you haven't had that pleasure, I'm certain you've heard of his recent god-bothering exploits. In addition to participating in the return of night, he has also, apparently, been engaged in some significant events deep below our idyllic surface, if you catch my meaning. 

It is no small thing, therefore, to tell you that he managed something I would once have thought impossible: he convinced me to give up my most promising line of research, abandoning the new "psychic" powers I had developed a method to acquire, and use my accumulated knowledge for a different purpose. That is why I am writing you.

It would seem that plans are moving forward for an offensive move against the aberrations. Xedris, along with whatever gods pull his strings, thinks that our mutual ancestor's storied talents with custom diseases, allied to my unmatched knowledge of aberrant biology, could make something particularly effective together. 

It is my intention to visit Trimurti to call upon him. I do hope that our past enmities can be set aside, at least temporarily, for this meeting. Do let me know.

Most Sincerely,

Elena Thrannis



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