The Whorl

Game 49 - The Arena

6,300 XP = Total: 179,400 XP

Well, weren't they fascinating? Oh, I know you've met them before. What was that you said to the wizard? That you had a vision he would be stopping by? Such a small Whorl this is. As for that Saatvik, he wasn't at all what I was expecting of the dread Enemy of the State who returned Night to the whorl and freed two gods from their rightful punishment.

Yes, I was rolling my eyes there, so kind of you to notice. 

In any event, they certainly stirred up the politics here in Lankha… probably best they descended into the Underworld before things could get testy. The whole situation with the Monster horde is delicate enough without a Saint of Ratri in the city. And they're chasing down poor Ballast. I wonder what my dear student has been getting up to in order to attract such attention. Yes, I know the answer, possibly creating a limitless army of undead Forged. The question was whimsically rhetorical.

Did you see Xedris's staff? Such a rarity. I had thought them all destroyed long ago, and indeed, it seems they probably were if he had to go to Brahma to get a new one forged. I used to think the Four-Faced Lord such a stodgy old god, but he's been getting positively reckless these past few years. 

Do you think Zyama the Black ate them? Seems unlikely he would wake just because they're passing through his coils, but you never know. Depends on how well they get along with Yama I suppose. Let's just assume they made it to the Underworld relatively safe and sound then. Hopefully they find Ballast and its friends quickly.

Now, I should really start getting to work on these piles of maggots our visitors were kind enough to provide to me before they deliquesce too much.



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