Oligarchic Mercantile City-State
Large, Cosmopolitan

Trimurti is the largest urban center in The Whorl, boasting over half a million inhabitants. It sits on the shores of the Bright Sea at the Great River's outflow, placing it close to the center of the Whorl and in command of the largest trade arterial.  Trimurti is hailed as the center of Civilization by its inhabitants, although citizens of other lands might certainly disagree.

Trimurti is ruled by the Council of Peers, an ever-shifting body of the city's richest or most powerful merchants, wizards, scholars, and criminal bosses.  In an obscure process poorly understood by most, this Council selects a Triumvirate from among its number to wield executive authority over the city. These three individuals wield their authority anonymously, using three masks which are sacred relics of the goddesses Lakshmi, Jyestha, and Sarasvati. The powers imbued in these masks ensure a certain degree of command and control over the city's infrastructure, regulatory, and police forces. The Mask of the Lotus is said to grant authority over the city's tax collection and social welfare bureaucracy. The Mask of the Raven grants authority over the city's police forces, while the Mask of the Swan is thought to have subtle influence over the flow of information among the city's hierarchy.

The Council also selects a Warlord from among its number who wears the Mask of the Lion, a sacred relic of Durga. This individual has a certain degree of autonomy in using the city's military assets in its defense. 

Trimurti is a cosmopolitan city, permitting people of all races and walks of life to enter freely and engage in business under the protection of the city's laws. The only restriction is on the ownership of property, which one must be a citizen to do. Citizenship requires a flat annual fee easily spared by the wealthy, challenging for a struggling merchant, and entirely impossible for a manual laborer, criminal, or beggar. Only citizens may support Councilors, or become Councilors.



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