The Whorl


"The Whorl" is an archaic word for the world as The Races who inhabit it know it. It is a vast cylinder with rolling hills, farmland, forest, shallow seas and lakes, and all the usual geographical features one might expect in a world except for tall mountains or deep oceans. The races of the world don't even have concepts for "mountains" or "oceans" as the Whorl is all they or their ancestors have ever known.

High above, running down the center of the cylinder, is the Path of the Sun, a barely-seen line down which the Sun moves from the Wall of Dawn to the Wall of Dusk, only to wax from the Wall of Dawn once more. In this way, daylight moves along the cylinder bathing the lands in cyclical light and dim night. Winds, clouds, rain, and other weather follow the Path of the Sun in fairly predictable ways making for a stable and predictable ecosystem.

The Geography of the whorl follows the Path of the Sun, which is brightest at the Wall of Dawn, slowly and gradually fading as it makes its way to the Wall of Dusk. As a result, the lands near Dawn tend to be drier and hotter, including the Thar Desert. The lands in the center of the cylinder are the most bounteous and verdant, featuring the vast Dundaka Forest while the lands near Dusk are colder, rockier, and generally more dim, featuring the Siachen Icelands that abut the very Wall of Dusk. The Great River issues forth from the Wall of Dawn, meandering in a loose spiral all the way to the Wall of Dusk, and connecting the three seas of the Whorl, known appropriately as the Dawn Sea, the Bright Sea, and the Dusk Sea

A "year" ends with the Long Night, a period of time when the Sun is entirely absent and the land grows slowly colder and the people sit in their homes before roaring fires telling tales and beseeching The Gods to bring the Sun once more. The Sun always comes again, and a new year begins. Although some elders and eccentric scholars claim that the Long Night is getting ever so slightly longer each year, there is no reliable way to prove such a scary and nonsensical allegation. 

There are no "seasons" as we might understand them, but since the length of a year is constant, the people of the Whorl do celebrate regular festivals according to the customs of their land. 

Most educated people recognize that the Sun is the source of all power, and that the land and the seas absorb that power, transmuting it into life. Those with the talent and intellectual rigor have learned to control these energies in a process called arcane Magic. Others devote themselves to the gods, and through that devotion are granted power over the world using divine magic. Still others approach such power more intuitively, either tapping the power of the natural world through communion with nature, or forging dark pacts with entities forsaken by the gods. Whatever their method of access, most users of magic acknowledge that it ultimately derives from the constant transfer of power from the Sun, diffusing into all aspects of the world.

The Whorl

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