The Gods

The cleverest wizards and the wisest priests know that everything in the Whorl is governed by language. A mystical, secret tongue of variables, intricate logic, and careful contingencies binds everything from the behavior of the smallest insect to the essential nature of the gods. Indeed, the gods themselves are MADE of this language. It is through this hidden speech that they affect the aspects of the Whorl that are within their purview. It is important to remember that despite all their power, the gods are bound and limited creatures. If they should attempt to absorb the language and the rules of another they risk destabilizing or shattering themselves as logic loops fray and the careful, invisible speech of the world becomes chaos. This is what happened when Surya tried to absorb his father's power, and it is what arguably happened when Parvati finished the job. Students of ancient oral traditions claim that there is a goddess named Vac (p. "vach") who embodies this secret language itself, whose area of governance is the syntax, structure, and rules of essential reality. If she exists, she has no interest or contact with mortal beings, notwithstanding every attempt by ambitious warlocks to find a way to contact her.

The gods are divided into "major gods", who represent large aspects of the physical Whorl, and "minor gods" who represent aspects of society and civilization. 

Major Gods

  • Mahadeva – The Slain King of the Gods, Creator of the Whorl
  • Parvati-Kali – The Land, the Mother, Two-Faced Lady of Life and Death
  • Surya – The Sun, the Betrayer, the Archfiend
  • Indra – The Sky, the Usurper, Lord of Storms
  • Varuna – The Sea, the Changer, Lord/Lady of Water
  • Yama – The Underworld, Master of Secrets, Lord of Justice

Minor Gods

  • Agni – Lord of Fire, God of the Hearth and of Marriage, Husband to Radha and Chinnamasta
  • Radha – Goddess of Love, Lady of Devotion, Co-Wife of Agni with Chinnamasta
  • Chinnamasta – Goddess of Passion and Unreason, Patron of Suicides, Co-Wife of Agni with Radha
  • Lakshmi – Lady of Fortune, Bestower of Weath, Twin-Sister to Jyestha, Wife of Durga
  • Durga – Lady of Warfare, Slayer of Foes, Wife of Lakshmi
  • Jyestha – Goddess of Misfortune, Lady of Obstacles, Twin-Sister of Lakshmi
  • Sarasvati – Lady of Knowledge, Patron of Music and Mathematics, Wife of Soma
  • Soma – God of Dreams, Lord of Prophecy, Husband of Sarasvati
  • Brahma – The Maker, Lord of Invention, Patron of the Forged


  • Aranyani – Queen of the Fae, Lady of Mystery, First of the Elves
  • Sita – Lady of Blades, Mistress of the Shadowfell
  • Ratri – Demon-Lady of the Long Night, Lady of Claws, Wife of Surya
  • Ravana – Demon-Lord of Monsters, The Trickster, Lord of Many Faces
  • Rama – Newly-ascended Lord of Birth
  • Ten Great Dragons – Protectors of Order, Sleeping Sentinels
  • Angels – Mysterious Servants of the Whorl
  • The Outsider – Lord of the Endless Void

The Gods

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