The Economy

The Whorl has a standard currency that takes the form of a small square chip of Wizard Glass inlaid with carefully engineered alchemical metallic alloys designed to hold a carefully measured charge of magical energy. These coins, therefore, have two states: charged and empty.

An empty "chip" has certain intrinsic value, but it's only about 1/100th of what a "charge" is worth. Charges are usually used for significant purchases, and either traded again as currency, or used in the crafting of enchanted items or other works that require an infusion of magic. The depleted chips can then be traded on their intrinsic worth or sold to one of the sanctioned bank-temples of Lakshmi whose staffs of wizards and priests recharge the chips at a rate carefully calculated to keep the economy steady. 

Empty chips can be created from scratch, but the secret to doing so is carefully kept and regulated, and the bank-temples keep a careful eye on merchants who sell the necessary exotic materials to spot potential counterfeiting.

In game terms:

  • "Charge" = 1gp
  • "Chip" = 1cp

Any time a listed spell requires components worth a certain gp value, instead simply deplete that number of charges. Magic in the Whorl does not rely on exotic physical materials. The same applies for any other activity involving creating or transferring magic, such as the Ritual Caster feat or crafting magic items. These activities do leave you with one chip per charge expended, which you can use as currency.

Goods and Services:

The Economy

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