Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Abundance, Lady of Commerce and Civilization, is a very popular deity. Much like others of the so-called "minor" gods, her aspects have less to do with the physical aspects of the Whorl and more to do with the social aspects of its people. Merchants make regular prayers as a matter of routine when engaging in all levels of The Economy and sacrifices to her are common before great or risky ventures. The truly careful will then make equal sacrifices to her twin sister Jyestha, the Goddess of Misfortune, to placate her and divert her attention away.

Some theologians speculate that Lakshmi and Jyestha aren't separate goddesses at all, but rather two opposing facets of the same entity. No matter the truth, it is generally deemed wise not to pray too much to Lakshmi while neglecting her darker sister lest calamity befall you.

Lakshmi presides over wealth and plenty. Her wife, Durga, presides over conflict and warfare. Those same theologians make much of this pairing, claiming that any suitably complex economy requires conflict over scarce resources to function. Whatever the basis of their marriage, none deny that the two are very close, even joining Surya's rebellion together and, during the Godswar, creating the dwarves from their loyal followers. Lakshmi's most devout claim that Durga coerced her wife into the conflict in order to increase her own power and glory. They wish to minimize their favored goddess's role. Durga's followers claim that Lakshmi was just as much a partner to the whole thing, seeing the wealth, bounty, and especially power that could be gained by reducing the authority of the King of the Gods.

After the death of Mahadeva, however, they repented of their rebellion. Wary of the reception they would receive with Indra and Parvati, Lakshmi withdrew entirely from the remainder of the conflict, pouring her energies into rebuilding shattered cities and cultures. 

Lakshmi's Realm is Civilization itself. Anywhere people gather and form sufficiently complex societies she is not far. Her power and influence sits inside every financial transaction, every payment for services rendered, every windfall and stroke of luck.

Lakshmi is commonly shown holding or sitting on a lotus flower adorned with gold.


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