Halflings are the children and creation of the god Agni and his co-wives Radha and Chinnamasta. This trio of gods, together, represents all the comforts, delights, benefits, and tragedies of home, family, and community and their children embody those traits.

Originally created from human worshipers during the Godswar, halflings were intended to be small and easily overlooked yet surprisingly sturdy and durable. They were originally intended to help the trio's worshipers survive the war and preserve the bonds of society. Now, halflings tend to be a domestic lot, taking pure joy in the simple delights of hearth, home, fine meals, good drink, great sex, and excellent company.

Halflings come in two broad sub-varieties that do not reflect a difference in design philosophy among the gods who created them so much as different tasks during the desperate days of the Godswar.

Lightfoot Halfings are slim, stealthy, and a bit wilder than their stout brethren. It's thought that a little more of Chinnamasta went into their making. They tend to have wandering eyes and wandering feet and build broad communities of friends and lovers rather than tight-knit families.

Stout Halflings tend toward stable, stationary domestic bliss, creating homes and villages wherever they might be and transforming rough or rural places into homey, charming homes.


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