Druids eschew the formal requirements of a Cleric of Parvati, choosing instead to devote themselves to nature in its raw, physical form. They draw their power from the land itself without any direct veneration of Parvati or any other deity, although they acknowledge the goddess's role in vitalizing all living things. There are a handful of formal if diffuse and scattered organizations of Druids.

The Circle of the Land – The Circle of the Land is centered in the Dundaka Forest and devotes itself to keeping and preserving ancient lore. To this end, they commonly work with Clerics of Soma and Sarasvati, but the knowledge they seek and keep tends toward the primal rather than the academic. Mystic Druids of the Circle of the Land can be found all throughout The Whorl, many never meeting another member of their Circle more than once or twice a decade. 

The Circle of Blood - The Circle of Blood tends to be more martial in its attitude toward nature, its members seeking to protect the wild spaces through violent ends. If the Circle of the Land loosely channels the power of Parvati, the Circle of Blood is said to embody certain flavors of Kali in its methods. Still, violence is not its own end. Protection of the natural world is the goal of these Druids, many of whom gravitate to blighted or infested places seeking to push back those forces inimical to life. [Game Note: The Circle of Blood replaces the Circle of the Moon in the Player's Handbook, using the same game mechanics]

The Circle of Dreams – The Circle of Dreams focuses on the more esoteric aspects of Parvati's power, particularly the beings and metaphysics of the Feywild. It's a relatively recent Circle that split off from the Circle of the Land and exists almost entirely within the Dundaka Forest, although some few have journeyed to further lands. Some believe that the Circle of Dreams created the Forest Gnomes somehow, perhaps with the intervention of Aranyani

The Circle of the Shepherd – The Circle of the Shepherd is centered in the Duskward third of the Whorl, in the cold remote places where animal life is scarce and in need of more active protectors lest hunters deplete the population entirely. The Circle is not very well liked by the nomadic tribes of people who live near the Siachen Icelands, but they're tolerated for their knowledge of animal husbandry and veterinary abilities. 


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