Oligarchic Republic
Large, Evolving

Ayodhya was the capitol of the Eternal Solar Empire… or at least what was left of it. Before the Godswar, the Eternal Solar Empire ruled half The Whorl, ruled by priest-kings to Surya where worship of the Sun God was paramount to getting ahead. Surya drew from the priesthood and nobility of the Empire when creating the first Elves, and the Empire formed the core of Surya's armies during his rebellion. 

Thousands of years after the war, the Empire consisted only of Ayodhya and a few outlying towns. City-states such as Trimurti had surpassed the entire Empire in terms of population and economic output. Ayodhya was a shadow of the past that stubbornly refused to acknowledge its fading power and authority. Everything about modern Ayodhya was a calculated insult to the gods that had, for millennia, skirted just shy of inciting open warfare. Temples to the gods were outlawed with the sole exception of the Grand Temple of the Sun, whose state-sanctioned priesthood continued to venerate the Archfiend despite receiving little to no power from their imprisoned god. Many of the so-called Priests of the Sun were actually warlocks who had forged pacts with Surya despite his chains and wielded his power in that fashion.

The Empire was lead by Rama I, the Immortal Solar Emperor. He claimed to be the same Rama as the young Prince who ruled as Emperor during the Godswar when his father went forth to fight, subsequently to be cast into Surya's Prison, and was therefore thousands of years old. Since the whole point of the Godswar was to prevent this sort of immortality, many people outside of Ayodhya wondered what tricks, deceits, or magic the Immortal Solar Emperor used to maintain the ruse of his Immortality. Within Ayodhya, his subjects (officially) believed that he was, in fact, the last remaining immortal elf in the Whorl, ruling with no heirs, and only a golden statue of his wife Sita, who at the end of the Godswar followed Aranyani, sitting on the Empress's throne beside him. In the aftermath of the Emperor's dramatic and devastating death, more and more people are coming to the realization that he may, very well, have been functionally immortal even if the precise mechanisms remain mysterious.

Ayodhya openly practiced demonology and it was not unusual to see devils or demons bound to physical form by the wizards or warlocks of Ayodhya wandering the streets pursuing their own dark agendas. It was a bright blight and offense to the gods who, nevertheless, took no overt action to destroy it due to the Ban of Indra on open warfare within the Whorl.

Recently, all of this changed. The Emperor, seeking apotheosis into something semi-divine, enacted a complex plan to conquer his own city using a secretly constructed Titan of the Sea, and in the chaos, completing a blood ritual of staggering scope and slaughter. As Varuna's chosen stormed the city and the Emperor's undead son raised the dead to fight over a shattered Ayodhya, Indra intervened and sent Nila the Blue to end the fighting by force.

In the aftermath, the city-state of Ayodhya is forming a fragile new coalition government with representatives from various species and socio-economic statuses. It is a broken empire struggling to rebuild.

Ayodhya lies where the Great River flows into the Dawn Sea and is, therefore, on the dawnward side of the Whorl. It's also the home to most of the remaining high elves in the Whorl. Those who didn't follow Aranyani to become the fae or the wood elves, weren't thrown into Surya’s Prison to become demons and devils, and who didn't change allegiance to Yama to live in the Underworld as dark elves accepted mortality once more and remain clustered here surrounded by the fading symbols of former glory.


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