Aranyani, First of the Elves, Queen of the Fae, is not a god, exactly, but she is immortal and very powerful. Millenia ago, the sun god Surya in his arrogance sought to improve on baseline human stock. He invested great power in his most devoted worshipers turning them into a race of regal, immortal beings. Aranyani was his high priestess and Empress of his new people.

When the King of the Gods, Mahadeva, objected to the creation of physically-embodied immortals in the Whorl it provoked conflict, then open rebellion. Aranyani led Surya's armies in the War in Heaven and Earth, calling upon the light and heat of her god to smite the forces of Mahadeva.  But underneath her outer seeming of fanatical devotion, seeds of doubt were growing. 

Aranyani was extremely wise and cunning, wiser in many ways than her god. She was steeped in the ancient lore of the Whorl and she knew that should Surya actually succeed in destroying his father that it would result in catastrophe. She began subtly changing the rhetoric of her leadership, emphasizing that the elves were fighting to preserve their very lives, not to actually destroy Mahadeva. She covertly began preparing a faction of her people to abandon Surya should the unthinkable happen.

When it did, and Surya slew his father causing the Endless Day and a cascade failure of catastrophes throughout the Whorl, Aranyani moved swiftly and decisively. She led fully a third of her elves to abandon their service to the god who created them, seeking sanctuary with the goddess Parvati, and exhorting her to take action to end the war and preserve the Whorl. Aranyani's passionate and charismatic words are often credited with driving home the peril and tragedy of Mahadeva's death. Many even give them credit for bringing the goddess Durga to change sides, abandoning Surya and joining Parvati, an act that dramatically weakened Surya and his remaining forces.

After Surya was defeated and imprisoned within his realm along with his most devoted immortal followers, Aranyani's passion and charisma were called upon again to plead for mercy from Indra and the victors. In this, she had the support of her new patron Parvati, as well as the god Yama. Indra granted leniency to Aranyani and those elves who changed sides, but he stood firm on his dead father's policy forbidding immortality to all beings who walk as flesh in the Whorl. He gave Aranyani and her followers a choice. They could either forsake immortal life, or they could transcend the physical world, taking stewardship of Parvati's Realm, the Feywild, while the goddess was distracted with her new roles.

While many of Aranyani's followers chose mortality, becoming the wood elves, she and others chose transcendence, becoming the Fae. Aranyani took the mantle of Queen of the Fae and steward of the Feywild, and in that capacity she remains a powerful and somewhat enigmatic figure to this day.


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