The Thar Desert Expedition

Sanjaya Pandava, Assistant Professor of History at the Bardic College of Lore in Videha, Mithila, has spent his entire life obsessed with the pre-Godwar history of the Eternal Solar Empire. This obsession has seemingly blinded him to the suspicion that inevitably attaches to high Elves outside of Ayodhya researching this subject, and he is known to hold forth on the academic minutiae of his chosen field of study at great length to any party who expresses interest.

Sadly, much of the pre-war Empire has been subsequently swallowed by the Thar Desert, a dangerous wasteland where heat and dessication are the least of your concerns. Professor Pandava has spent most of the money he has earned over the course of the century he has lived in Videha sending treasure hunters and mercenaries into the wastes to brave the ruined, sand-buried cities and bring back anything of interest they can find. Quite a few of these people have never returned.

Nevertheless, finally, Professor Pandava is convinced that he has solid information on the location of one of the fabled Titans of the Sun, legendary machines created by the joint arts of wizards and clerics of Surya to stand sentinel over the ancient Empire, machines that were turned to the purpose of devastating war in that Empire's last days. His information must have been reasonably convincing, for the College of Lore has agreed to fund a three-team expedition into the Thar desert led by Professor Pandava and his two brightest graduate students, each of which will travel to a different prospective site where the Professor believes locational-data might be found to triangulate the fallen Titan's exact location.

Team Eka

Team Dvi

  • Aleeni Vas, Bard, Graduate Student Team Leader (Rescued from a Lamia, Returned to Mithila)
  • Sthisik, Enlightened Squire, Supply (Deceased, Killed and Eaten by a Lamia)
  • Danica Free, Jack-of-All-Trades (Deceased, Killed and Eaten by a Lamia)
  • Sindoor, Prophetess and Visionary (Rescued from Slavery, Returned to Mithila)
  • Alik Vasir, Professional Caravan Guide (Released from Service)

Team Tri

  • Raj Sinhala, Bard, Graduate Student Team Leader (Turned Traitor on Behalf of Ayodhya)
  • Arjuna Tenarrow, Enlightened Squire, Supply (Wounded by Raj Sinhala, Rescued and Returned to Mithila)
  • Cinder, Mysterious Sorceress (Turned Traitor on Behalf of Ayodhya)
  • Tan Viper, Desert Survivalist, Guide (Deceased, Betrayed by Raj Sinhala)
  • The Great Shah Khan, Adventurer Extraordinaire (Turned Traitor on Behalf of Ayodhya)


The Thar Desert Expedition

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