The Archive

Deep in the Thar Desert, off the regular trade routes, is a monastery carved into a sandstone bluff. It's entrance is some meters off the ground and accessible by a bucket on a pulley operated by the Archive's sole inhabitant, The Archivist.

Inside, the Archive is a cool, dim place build around an interior courtyard open to the sky via a light-well that opens to the top of the bluff. Beneath the light well is a stone pool with water, lilypads, and other minor plant and animal life. Surrounding the pool are dozens of stone statues of high elves in archaic clothes so flawless and artful that they could be mistaken for real people… which, in fact, they are.

The current Archivist, who claims to be the ninth of her lineage, is a strange, shrouded woman. Her movements betray her inhuman nature, and occasionally small snakes poke their heads out of the all-encompassing shroud. She has the ability to turn people to stone, and to return them to flesh. In this way, she stores them and all that they know for all time.

The statues themselves appear to be there willingly. They are high elves who rejected the choice given them at the end of the Godswar, to either join Surya in his prison, join with Aranyani in the Feywild, or stay in the Whorl and give up their immortality. These high elves chose a different path… immortality of a different sort, frozen in stone for all time, to be awakened should their knowledge be needed by future generations.

The Archive

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