The Whorl

Game 22 - The Thief
2,400 XP = Total: 46,420 XP

My Lady of Blades, Mistress, Patron, I have expended the power necessary to stand once more in your presence so that I might tender my news in person rather than risk misunderstanding, or even interception. Although I have no certain proof of this, I fear you may be in imminent danger.

In my guise as "Tatterdemalion", thief-extraordinaire, I responded to an attempt to contact me in the Old Imperial district. At first I thought it another mundane transaction, but no sooner did I appear than I recognized that the gnome who called to me was one of Your servants. Through this contact I ultimately introduced her and her sundry companions to a cell of the resistance I deemed most likely to be sympathetic to their cause. I was correct, but even then did not even remotely anticipate the news and the opportunity they presented.

There was the usual back-and-forth as trust was established. Eventually, though, these newcomers made the resistance aware that a Titan of the Sea would imminently attack Ayodhya, apparently at the behest of the the Emperor himself, who sought some complex form of suicide or apotheosis by bringing largescale death and chaos to his own empire…

I see from the look in your eyes that you are already aware of these details, presumably through your gnome servant. They did eventually tell me that they had met you personally. I will skip ahead then.

They revealed their primary target to be the offensive golden idol of you that the Emperor keeps at his side. They believe it holds the soul of your son in some capacity and they seek to destroy it. Needless to say, I was very much in favor of this plan. I have long contemplated the means by which I might accomplish this task, and so we put our heads together to formulate various plans and debate the strengths and weaknesses of each. Although we have not reached a consensus, there was some speculation and some news important enough and disconcerting enough to warrant my arrival here in Your realm.

Firstly, the monk among them suggested that the Emperor might have even darker purposes for that statue than has thus far been apparent. He speculated that there might be principles of sympathetic magic at play, that the fact of the statue's likeness to you, and the fact that the citizens of the Empire have been obligated to treat it as if it really was you for millenia, might enable him to extend some sort of power over you from afar, even in your current state…

My most abject apologies mistress. I see I have angered you, but I also see that this anger stems from fear. Forgive me for speaking bluntly, but it seems from your reaction that this is a very real possibility. I entreat you to call upon whatever loyalties and alliances you have to try to safeguard you against such a possibility. One way or the other, things will culminate in a little less than a week. 

The other news I wished to convey personally comes from the newcomers, but also from a dwarf resistance member named Topaz who is a Cleric of Durga. It seems that the goddess of war is preparing herself and her realm. I cannot believe that Indra remains ignorant, and he may well awaken one or more of the Dragons to suppress the conflict before it gets too big. One of the Dragons is, apparently, awake right now and in Ayodhya as we speak. The Emperor's plan will unleash chaos and conflict among the gods not seen since the Great War, and we should all be prepared for the worst.

I will be present to aid these foreigners in their goals, as they align with my goals. By helping them, I place myself closer to the hated Emperor. Perhaps I will have an opportunity to disrupt his plans.

My eyes are your eyes, and my blades are your blades. I return now to the city of your hated foe. Things will change soon. I will do my utmost to ensure those changes are for your betterment.


Game 21 - The Son
2,720 XP = Total: 44,020 XP

(Translated from Cant)


Tavi the Terrible is just as crazy as you said she was. She and a mixed-bag posse that would have shouted suspicion if not for the haughty high-elf among them showed up at my warehouse out of the blue. I assume I have you to thank for that. You could have given me warning. She claims they're looking to move cultural artifacts dug up from the desert through the city, but that doesn't make a lot of sense. I assume it's a smokescreen for some other clandestine activity, and knowing you, it's probably espionage of some sort. No skin off my back, business is business.

Still, when I dropped the hint that there's a specialist outfit that engages in the high-risk high-reward pursuit of royal robbery, she practically jumped at the chance to throw her life away. I told her the extra creepy way to contact them and she didn't blink. Maybe she doesn't know the rumors that surround the Old Imperial district. Those millenia-old estates rotting amidst overgrown gardens are said to be haunted by things worse than the ghosts of the ancient imperials, worse even than the devils that casually walk the streets here. I dunno, you claim that her reputation isn't as overblown as I'd expect considering Shah Khan's shameless habit of self-promotion. I guess we'll see if she and her friends come back alive.


Game 20 - The Date Palm
3,200 XP = 41,300

Archmage Lorelei Qualm,

You asked that I provide a full, written report once I have a few moments. I entirely understand your skepticism about my claims to have negotiated terms with one of the Ten Great Dragons but I assure you, my visions of our forthcoming operation have stabilized significantly in the wake of that most singular meeting.

It started, apparently, with a shopping trip. 

As you may know, in addition to my role as a Diviner at the Wizard's College, I teach classes on augury and interpretation as an adjunct at the University. My office there, while small, is suitable for my needs. It sits next to the office of another illustrious wizard who also provides adjunct teaching services, the Abjurer Tuala. One of her students, Xedris “Somabhakta”, was procuring some particular spells from her in preparation for his own role in the imminent troubles. Tuala, being not the most discreet individual, mentioned my recent disturbing divinations as to the fate of our task force and the disturbing and repeated images of Tamra the Copper that I had taken for metaphor.

It so happened that Xedris was accompanied by a monk named Vin, and it so happened that this very person was responsible for awakening Tamra from her endless slumber. He came next door to talk to me about it, much to my horror and surprise. It never occurred to me that my many-times-ancestor was actually awake and active within the Whorl. Vin told me the tale of how she was awakened and why, and how she continues to remain awake. It would appear she owes him a boon and cannot slumber once more until she fulfills it. 

And so, through a series of seeming coincidences, the literal truth of my visions was laid bare before me. It seems Tamra has been tasked with seeking the secret of mortality, and she is likely to seek it within the Emperor's library during the chaos soon to be unleashed upon Ayodhya. This, of course, would bring her in direct conflict with our own mission there. Vin seemed to think he could intercede with Tamra on our behalf, and I promised him the gratitude of the Wizard's College should he do so, not truly expecting him to be so… efficient.

Mere hours after his departure, the door to my office disintegrated in a spray of poisonous acid and the spell I'd asked Tuala to cast to ward my office, which was still persisting, was blown down in a blast of countermagic and I was face-to-face with one of the most powerful corporeal beings in all the Whorl. She was holding a teacup. She entered my office, sipped her tea, and quite calmly asked me how we might avoid conflict in the near future.

The conversation itself was oddly anticlimactic. All she expected from us was a promise to allow her to take whatever books or scrolls she needed for her task, and she in turn was quite willing to leave the rest to us. We worked out a system of recognition, sign, and countersign so that… misunderstandings won't occur in the confusion.

After she left, and after I cleaned up my office and repaired my door, Vin returned. He called in his favor and asks that we engage in arcane retrofitting of his Monastery, imbuing the structure with wards and protections such as may reflect the degree of our gratitude. Considering the death I saw in my visions previously, I'm inclined to be generous in that regard. 

Clearly this Vin fellow piqued my interest significantly. I spent some time engaged in divinations specifically on him and his companions. It would appear that the five of them have been quite central to the events leading up to the anticipated chaos in Ayodhya, and they continue to have a central role. As agents of the Ministry of Culture, it's unsurprising that they're not more famous for it, what fame they have coming almost entirely from their recovery of a Titan's heart from Professor Pandava's recent archaeological expeditions. It would appear they're to infiltrate Ayodhya in advance of the uprising so as to be in position to thwart whatever plans the Risen Son may have, and possibly to thwart the Emperor's own inscrutable goals. 

I opted not to delve too deeply, and opt now not to put too many details into writing. I do know that they consulted with Ofuoma, our resident soul-theorist, and other experts in preparation for their departure.

I wish them fortune, and they have my gratitude for turning aside a certain doom that loomed large before us. I have far greater confidence in the success of our objectives now, and my visions show the usual range of successes and challenges.



Game 19 - The Serpent
3,800 XP = Total: 38,100 XP

Translated from Abyssal

Your Holiness,

We have finished our "interrogation" of the priest Saatvik. I use the word in quotes because it was less an interrogation than a friendly conversation that he wasn't free to leave. It turns out his reputation was accurate in all particulars. With just the slightest prompting he ended up telling us all about the Emperor's secret Titan of the Sea and his somewhat incredible plan to not only re-engineer an entire species in exchange for centuries of free and secret labor, but also his plan to overthrow himself in the name of some sort of apotheosis. Saatvik even told us his speculation that, perhaps, the Emperor in his hubris seeks to ascend to Mahadeva's empty throne somehow.

The full particulars are in the attached informational summary. Of particular interest to Our Lord may be the very active and very real participation of His brother Varuna in this scheme, not to mention the suggestion that Varuna may well have violated Indra's law that no new races be created in the Whorl. 

As for Saatvik's companions, they were far more capable at rooting out complex conspiracies than I gave them credit for, which had unfortunately lethal consequences for our subcontractor, but which fortunately did not extend to open conflict. We handed them some very valuable information about the Minister on the Council of the Wise in Videha that wanted them all dead in exchange for them agreeing that our convoluted "assassination" attempt would not cause any ongoing issues between us.

The loss of the subcontractor is a particular blow Lilani (or Aolani, or Nolini, etc.) was an extraordinary talent when it came to juggling multiple simultaneous personas and cultivating an extensive network of potential disposable proxies for poison-based assassination. That poor half-elf waiter at the Rotund Barrel restaurant was just one example of the sort of men she would wrap around her finger. When we had her impersonate Tavi to hire him to slip a diluted poison into their meals we had no reason to believe they would somehow track her to her apartment within hours of the deed. We're still looking into where and how the information trail led them from the restaurant to her. It's also a shame to lose a perfectly good clay golem, but hey, we didn't pay for it.

It's also unfortunate that she was forced to use that clay golem in a frontal attack on a constable's office. Although the chaos proved a useful distraction that gave us plenty of time to talk to Saatvik, we do generally try to avoid any of our proxies or contractors coming into direct conflict with representatives of the Law. I assure you, I take Our Lord's chosen Aspect seriously, notwithstanding my… unconventional approach. Fortunately no members of the Watch were killed, although some were seriously wounded.

Tavi's companions are resilient indeed. They survived a poisoning, then a fight with a clay golem, then a fight with a master assassin and her associates all in a span of hours. Perhaps that's why, when they finally arrived at our tavern, they weren't in the mood for further violence. It may also be true that Tavi was able to convince them that without us underbidding the assassination contract on them for our own purposes they may well be dead. We had to walk a careful tightrope between appearing to attempt the contract while also leaving them alive to create the smokescreen while we accomplished our true objective.

I imagine the Minister of Agriculture won't be very pleased that her assassination failed. Then again, that's what she gets for going with the lowest bidder.

Yours in Faith

Game 18 - The Vizier
2,800 XP = Total: 34,300 XP - Level 8

(In Private Cipher)

To my esteemed colleague Fenster Stone, Minister of War:

I think you'll agree after today's session that my rising stars are resourceful indeed. In addition to the intelligence they gathered from the jungles of the Empire's Bastion they managed, in a single day and through disparate sources, to compile additional information casting some light on the intentions and motivations of Ayodhya's emperor.

Saatvik's indiscretion is one of two, regrettable, character flaws in evidence in the group. I'm impressed by the facility with which you guided our colleague the Archmage to conclude that Saatvik's loose lips may, indeed, sink ships if this intelligence is not acted upon imminently. She gets to look the hothead while we all benefit from considering the possibility that we do not have the luxury of time in this matter.

The other flaw, of course, is our gnome's tendency to swear pacts to dark powers on a whim. Of all the beings she could have sworn to, The Risen Son is perhaps the worst, politically. It's a shame she crumbled under the subsequent interrogation. I think she could have made the case for infiltrating the enemy if our colleagues of Agriculture and Civics has given her space to breathe. Fortunately, she has forsaken that pact for one with a much more politically beneficial patron for our purposes. Thank you for changing the direction of discourse before she was forced to say too much about it in that forum.

It seems that our deliberations are moving toward permitting the Emperor's plan to proceed, and perhaps, even, to clandestinely aid its speedy progress. It falls to us, therefore, to find the loose threads of his design and foil those aspects that do not favor us or the Kingdom. I admit that I am of two minds as to how best to use the assets under discussion should things go the direction they appear to be going.

While I agree with your assessment that the Emperor's invitation to our agents to ride along with the Titan of the Sea during its assault on Ayodhya is intended to contain them and place them where he can account for them, the temptation (as with all the Emperor's blandishments) is that the offer is almost too good to refuse. Our agents may not have the operational flexibility they'd enjoy on the ground, but they would be in a position to neutralize the biggest and most dangerous piece on the board. I know your preference in the matter, but I think I'll need to wait for the next round of reports from my agents in Ayodhya before I can recommend one course of action over the other. Also, we should not forget our agents' preferences on the matter. We do, after all, have multiple teams. We can afford to give them a certain degree of leeway in how to pursue the course of action they've been so instrumental in setting in motion.

Although Saatvik and  Xedris did most of the talking, I imagine you noticed that the monk Vinihata was assiduously reading the room and quietly communicating his observations. His personal philosophy may be eccentric, but he has a piercing eye. I could see the effect of his insight on the words Saatvik used to sway our Minister of Religion. And let's not forget our rough druid who, notwithstanding his lack of formal etiquette, bears a powerful token of the favor of Kali.

I think these agents will rise far in the Ministry of Culture, unless you or someone else poaches them from me. To partially pre-empt such a notion, consider me interested in any joint operations you may have in mind for their talents, and we can have our people discuss whose budgets will suffer the brunt of them.

I remain, as always, your humble colleague and friend,

Ms. Jasmine, Minister of Culture

Game 17 - The Merchant
2,660 XP = Total: 31,500 XP

To Aranyani, Queen of the Fae, Mistress of the Feywild and First Among Elves,

I send you this letter in our cipher and by the hand of my most trusted servant. The Accursed Emperor moves, at last, and I fear I have not your wisdom to anticipate him or plan for his subtleties.

A druid of our drow cousins came before me in my palace escorting mortal visitors to my realm. One of them was a druid of your people, another a Cleric of Sarasvati, another bore the marks of the Twins of Fate, another stayed silent and wide-eyed, while the last bore a strange mark upon her soul I did not at first recognize.

They spoke to me of a plan, long in its creation, that would imminently elevate my accursed captor and rapist to true immortality among the godrealms. I spilled the blood of the child of the River and through it saw, for the first time in thousands of years, his loathsome face in the child's memories.

It seems that the Emperor tires of his life. He builds in secret a Titan akin to the bastions of the Old Empire but dedicated now to Varuna. With it he seeks to conquer his own Empire, enabling a successful insurrection to slay him. In so doing, these messengers believe he will ascend to something greater than merely another dead soul, but rather something that can rival you or me. 

These messengers from the mortal world have encountered him more than once. I watched the Cleric's recollections from the first encounter in the ruins of a Titan of the Sun, through a brief appearance at the Dawn Forge. I witnessed him regaling them with a version of his and my mutual history shocking for how accurate it was, and for the details he lavished on his abuse of me, the years I spent with my mind and body magically enslaved. I saw their most recent conversation, engaged in mere hours before they sought me out wherein he spoke of his plans for apotheosis, his face nearly orgasmic at the mention of seeing me once more. 

Through the revulsion and the rage my mind could not help but wonder: Why was he going to such efforts to warn me of his plans? I know enough of his mind to realize that his mention of me, on multiple occasions, was very likely intended to lead these messengers to me, that they were acting in accordance with his desires and his plans. Why, though, would he seek to prepare me for his arrival? Surely he knows that the only greeting he will receive from me are my blades. 

One part of my mind suggested that this may be his twisted way of apologizing. That seems entirely impossible to me, but I am hardly an unbiased observer. This is why I write to you, who have become more than a mother to me. 

There were other things in the Cleric's memories of the Emperor. It would appear my wayward son Kusha exists, still, as a potent spirit of the dead. He has discovered a way to free himself from the Halls of the Dead and seeks to bring a plague of undeath upon the Whorl. That was when I realized what it was about the gnome. She bore my son's mark, his power and his resentment lived inside her, albeit weakly. It would appear that through the millenia he has found a way to tie himself to mortal objects and mortal servants and this gnome had sworn a pact with him.

This revelation was a surprise to some of her companions, not to others. She claimed she swore the pact in order to stay close to his counsel to ultimately defeat him. The druid among them appeared to have no tolerance for her reasons. His hatred for my son is pure. I offered, as recompense for the service they had done me, to sever my son's connection to their companion and tie her instead to my power. She agreed. I may now keep a closer eye on their movements and dealings with the Emperor, and will let you know of any further developments.

I do know that after they returned to the mortal realm they reported all they had learned to their political masters. It seems as if they plan to aid the Emperor in his scheme and thereby, through blood and revolution, drag our people out of decline. I cannot fault their ideals, even if I remain deeply concerned about what, precisely, the Emperor himself is getting out of this. They spoke to his representative in Xin, a tiefling creature bound to Surya, and she spoke of timelines and other mortal affairs. The details of their departure and return to Videha are unnecessary to recount to you.

You have greater sway among some of the gods than I do. I would entreat you to discover what you may of Varuna's part in all this. I cannot help but wonder how long Indra will remain ignorant, and what he may do once he learns of his brother/sister's collusion with an Empire that has spurned and insulted the gods for so long. You have always been better than me at such subtleties, I ask for your advice and your wisdom.


Sita, Lady of Blades, Mistress of the Shadowfell

Game 16 - The Mirror
2,800 XP = Total: 28,840

Boss, hey, it's me, Trout. I got some pretty crazy news for you today. You've probably already heard about that group of Civilized folks that came to Xin the other day claiming to be a scholar and his guards. The scholar seems legit, and the guy in full-plate mail couldn't be subtle if he tried, but the rest of the gang is all sorts of shifty, and one is actually pretty famous. I'll get to her in a bit.

So they obviously drew the eye, and pretty much everyone in town knew about them within the hour. They beelined for my establishment where they bartered some fine steel cookware for the top floor and all the security that entails. The gang and I went out of our way to make them feel welcome. 

After settling in, they made only one excursion out to Anathema's shop. Ann closed up shop to have a private chat, even sending that pretty daughter of hers out to keep an eye out. She doesn't do that for anyone, which makes me think whatever their real business is in town it has to do with the big secret project all the Yuan-Ti try not to talk about deep underground. Events later that evening bore this theory out.

So they came back to my place to confer. We figured they were being too watchful for us to be able to really spy on them, so I don't know what they talked about, but they seemed really jumpy for a few hours. Then, in the dead of night, there was the sound of combat. The security staff rushed up the stairs as fast as they could, but they arrived just in time to see the assailant dispatched by our badly-wounded guests. The assailant was… um… well… you know how some of the Yuan-Ti can look really freakish? This was the most freakish snake monster I've ever seen. It was enormous and had six heads. I have no idea how it got into the top floor, but one of our guests say it could shapeshift, so it probably flew in a window before turning into an enormous monstrosity. 

One of them, a high-elf male who had, previously, presented himself as a half-elf female, pulled me aside and indicated he suspected that the Imperial Representative Cinder may have sent the monster and they want me to repay our broken security guarantee by arranging an ambush for her lackey Shah Khan for interrogation. This confirmed that my guests are opposed in some way to the Yuan-ti's Project, as if the water-pattern on the monster's scales wasn't clue enough. 

I see no reason not to help them, even if it runs the risk of running afoul of the Green Hands. I figure I can arrange an ambush out of sight of the general public. I Yuan-ti and the Empire aren't our concern, so whatever, let them play their spy games and assassination games. I figure helping these guys out is worth it to cement our reputation as the premier hospitality establishment in this whole overgrown, ruined heap. Obviously if you have a preference or any orders let me know, otherwise I'll arrange their little ambush and generally stay informed for the sake of the Organization.

Oh, I was gonna say, "Tavi the Terrible" was with them. She totally slipped by unnoticed when they were checking in at first, but she came to warn us about the possibility of an attack prior to the actual attack. We had security on full alert, but sadly they were on lower floors. We didn't anticipate flying assault that we couldn't see from the ground. We'll fix that in the future. Anyway, Cinder's lackey Shah Khan has been spreading all sorts of shit about this Tavi for weeks now, so maybe they suspected she'd show up? Or maybe it's coincidence. Either way, for those of us who can't stand the insufferable bastard, she's something of a celebrity. I, for one, am looking forward to what she does to the guy once we spring their ambush.


Game 15 - The Ancestor
2,940 XP = Total: 26,040

Oh Goddess, black-feathered serpent, Your blessings continue to afflict me, temper me, test me, and improve me. Your servant, Black Fang, thanks you for all the unforseen ways in which your quiet intervention has led me ever-closer to my goal of freeing my people, your children, from their false path, their indenture to an Empire that should by right of history and conquest be our enemy.

It is true that I am an abomination, that your pure design has been tainted by generations of foul breeding and magic into the nearly-human form I am currently cursed with. But despite the pain and weakness of my birth I aspire to the power and grace of the pure-bloods, your original creation, and I thank you for permitting me to meet so many of them living in pure service to your original design even after so many centuries.

When I was captured by those hobgoblins and their ilk I knew that this was another of your tribulations, but that if I could survive it, I would be strengthened. I had no reason to expect that your divine sister might also take an interest in my quest and send a powerful party of outlanders to free me. They apparently purchased me from the creatures with a sword forged in Civilized lands and when I looked upon the one they named Vinihata I knew him immediately as one who had experienced Your divine touch to a far greater degree than most. I am still contemplating the vision that briefly came over me when I laid eyes upon him. I thank you.

They were a strange group. Vinihata bore tattoos honoring you and your sister, and he was the one who held most of my attention, but the Traveler upon the Great River and the Devotee of the Dreamer were interesting as well. They had a druid among them as well as a strange man obsessed with monkeys who they called an "academic", a man seemingly useless, but who Vinihata assured me would be of aid in our journey. There was a diminutive woman who I at first overlooked but whose name I immediately recognized from the lips of the Empire's emissaries to Xin: Tavi the Terrible. The tales of her exploits are truly legendary, and I can see the wisdom of her companions in keeping her power cloaked until needed. Finally, there was a goblin guide and tracker who vanished utterly from the party and was never mentioned again after I was freed from the hobgoblins. I begin to suspect he was never quite real but rather an illusory construct of the high-elf's.

As strange and diverse as this group was, I knew them immediately as the instruments of your will, a source of great tribulation that, if I perservere, will lead me to my goal, and indeed, they confirmed that their task was also the destruction of the Great Work to which my people have been indentured for generations. I told them what I knew, as a favored son of Xin. I spoke of the Changer, the god who has stolen the prayers of your children. I spoke of the foul bargain struck between the Elders and the Emperor. I impressed upon them the value of my quest to find your avatar among those of your children who stay true to you. 

They agreed to divert their travel to accompany me on my quest. It was then that the strange man Vikram showed his worth, seeking to capture specific monkeys, he led us right into a patrol of the Pure. Vinihata and I triumphed in a Trial of Champions and we were welcomed into the village where your servant, Smiling Bite, spoke of the ancient ways of our people. Although she had nothing but disdain for the weak, human-like body I was born with, she acknowledged that Your ways will strengthen even one such as me, and I was heartened. 

She summoned forth the avatar, the black-feathered serpent, who spoke to us of our respective goals and gave to us a blessing of deception that will permit our infiltration into the Malison City and the Great Work beneath the Waves. She then graced me with a vision of her true form, a sinuous feathered and flying serpent, glorious, black feathers scintillating in the new dawn's sun. It was cause for tears of joy.

Your trials continue to guide us. Now we approach the ancient ruins of Xin where my companions seek initial infiltration. I must stay without, for I would be immediately recognized as an exile who has rejected the Compact. Based on their information, we will use the blessing your avatar has given us and bring ruin to those who would turn their faces from their goddess and creator.  

Game 14 - The Patriarch
2,520 XP = Total: 23,100 XP - Level 7

Adaptive Archive Opened
Data NodeSaatvik identified
Associative Heuristics Applied:
Keywords: //Eternal Solar Empire //Rama I //Dasaratha //Sita //Lakshmana //Surya //Ramayana //Kusha

Alternative narrative to disseminated epic poem "Ramayana" provided to identified data-node by subject: Rama I, Emperor, Ayodhya. Alternative narrative contains unusual degree of negatively-aspected social behaviors expunged from official narrative. Intentions of Rama I in revealing unflattering details about his own past are unknown. Speculation suggests ennui mixed with a desire to cultivate data-node:Saatvik and his companions for future socio-political purposes.

Speculation based on recent confrontation in micro-fabrication facility A1 between data-node:Saatvik, along with his companions, and anomalous subject Kusha, known colloquially as "The Risen Son." Association with Rama I confirmed. 

Data-node:Saatvik arranged for rehabilitation and return of subject currently designated Sanjaya Pandava through methods inhibiting Rama I's capacity to observe, and therefore affect, subject:Sanjaya-Pandava.

Data-node:Saatvik was granted top-level access for one query as a result of efforts to prevent sabotage of micro-fabrication facility A1. He inquired into anchor-point object for subject:Kusha. Methodology by which subject:Kusha violates operating procedure for neurological mapping/upload and transfer of program upon termination of life remains unclear. Speculation suggests mapped/uploaded matrix prevented from transfer to intended sector by anomalous code artificially connecting matrix to physical body-analogue. Initiated query to partner:Soma for speculation heuristics and intuition routines. Tentative connection established with artificially-stimulated dream states initiated by subject:Kusha for subject:Tavi Agarwal. Provided what data was available to data-node:Saatvik.

Routine data-sharing systems from top-level entity Parvati reveals subject:Panja, affiliated with data-node:Saatvik, will pursue resolution of anomalous subject:Kusha and has been granted the means to facilitate that outcome.

Data-node:Saatvik tasked by socio-political superiors on mission to jungle area designated Empire's Bastion to follow up on data provided on his first top-level query. Analytics set to adjust for input of new data.




Game 13 - The Sun
2,880 XP = Total 20,580 XP

The Whorl is so different than when I began my slumber. Three thousand-odd years ago the smoke of war still choked Indra's skies, the poisonous rubble of vast war-machines polluted the ground and Civilization teetered, guttering, in small pockets.

They've done fairly well for themselves, but even after so many centuries they remain so far from what they were. I find I do not want to return to my slumber, and thanks to a particularly unusual mortal, I may not need to for some time to come.

This mortal, Vinihata, is a devotee of Lakshmi and Jyestha and so considers me divine. I suppose I am, after a fashion… at least insofar as anything embodied in the Whorl can be. He woke me from my long sleep because an abomination had found my sleeping form and found a way to draw large quantities of my blood in slow drips and dribbles over the centuries to power a thaumaturgical device that could blind the very gods to his machinations. This creature, a potent spirit of the dead who has somehow severed himself from the Halls of the Dead, bound to a mechanical body in the stylings of Brahma's children, managed to crack open the Dawn Forge itself and was seeking to construct an army of such quasi-undead.

I had no interest, obviously, in this creature succeeding, but I was newly awakened to this age and unsure if my intercession was needed, and so I fell upon old codes. Since Vinihata had, arguably, saved my slumbering form from great pain and inconvenience, I was permitted by the terms of my existence to offer him a boon, and until he should call it in I was free to remain awake within the world. 

I shortly realized that I very much enjoy being awake in the world. I especially very much enjoy being the ONLY one of my siblings awake in the world. I found myself hoping that Vinihata would not call in his boon. I watched as the accursed son of Dasaratha manifested himself and gave to the Elf wizard the means to summon a demon from Surya’s Prison. I hoped it would be enough. And indeed, at first, it seemed these stout mortals would pull it off. But in their final confrontation with the "Risen Son", sitting upon the very Throne of Brahma at the heart of the Dawnforge, one of their number, the diminutive creature, turned on her companions, rendering the priest of Sarasvati unconscious, and nearly doing the same to the wood-elf.

It was then, in anger, that Vinihata called upon me. I changed my form to something less… cumbersome… and sought to assure the wizard that the accursed Prince was not, in this matter, betraying him. I then sought to dissuade the small creature from further betrayal while influencing probability subtly in Vinihata's favor. He was able to destroy the physical form of the Risen Son and I was able to reclaim my stolen blood. I departed before Brahma should find me in his temple.

It would appear that the god was grateful to the mortals. Vinihata contacted me again from the ancient city of Videha where we discussed the terms of the boon I owed him. Since my intercession was not wholly necessary before, I left the boon in his hands as I did not yet wish to return to slumber. He quite cunningly called in the boon obligating me to actively seek the secret to becoming mortal and, upon discovering it, to decide whether or not to follow through. This permits me an unknown period of wakefulness and obligates me either to return to slumber or live a mortal life at the end of it. Very clever. I decided to join his monastic order and engage in courtship rituals and sex with him. I think I'll enjoy my new lease on existence very much. 


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