The Whorl

Game 6 - The Icelands

+800 XP = 5440 XP Total

001xa – mobility functions released, neural integration with crown-priest severed

001xb – combat functions released, neural integration with sceptre-priest severed

001xc - bridge systems offline, rerouting internal sensor data

002xa – thaumaturgical spectrography systems online

002xb – assessment: one blessed one = purity 85%, one blessed one = purity 67%, one blessed one = purity 3%, one baseline human = no purity data, one baseline human = incompatible theistic energies, one unknown morphological specimen

002xc – analysis – enemy collaborators / spies / agents infiltrating titan systems

002xd – activating coherent radiation field, deploying thaumaturgical field manipulation systems


003xa – thaumaturgical field manipulation systems offline, coherent radiation manipulation offline, enemy agents inbound

003xb – standing by for further orders



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