The Archivist

Monstrous Keeper of the Archive


The Archivist is perpetually shrouded in layers of black cloth covering her entire body and concealing her face. Nevertheless, she moves in a manner not entirely human, and writhing serpentine forms can be seen beneath her veils. Occasionally a serpent’s head peeks out.


Alone in a solitary monastery cut into a sandstone cliff deep in the Thar Desert lives the Archivist. She curates The Archive, a collection of exquisite statues of high elves in various poses of pain and suffering.

The Archivist is clearly one of the Medusae. She has the capacity to turn people into stone, as well as to restore them to flesh. In this way she preserves a handful of high elves who sought a unique answer to the gods’ imposition of mortality. Rather than give up their immortality, they spend it as unliving stone, “thawed” only when their millenial knowledge is called upon.

The Archivist, who is the ninth of her lineage and calling, is a druid of the desert, using her magic to sustain herself and defend her archive.

The Archivist

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