Sanjaya Pandava

Expedition Leader and Financier


Sanjaya Pandava is a pale-skinned high-elf with silver hair. He affects the impractical dress of the court in Ayodhya which he is quick to assure everyone is merely matter of cultural heritage and not indicative of any political or theological leanings.


When Sanjaya Pandava first arrived in Videha, he was met with understandable suspicion. High elves in the city are often considered agents and spies of Ayodhya until proven otherwise. These suspicions rapidly faded. After all, if he was a spy, wouldn’t he be better at it? He made no attempt to adopt local fashions, and constantly stood out like a sore thumb. He lived in Videha for nearly a century, and ingratiated himself with all manner of nobles, professors, wizards, and bards with his friendly, somewhat naive, yet erudite presence.

Sanjaya became an assistant professor of history attached to the bardic College of Lore, but his classes also drew students from the greater Royal University as well. His area of specialty was the lost cultures of the old Eternal Solar Empire, now since swallowed up by the Thar Desert. He financed multiple archaeological expeditions into the desert, including The Thar Desert Expedition which he personally accompanied that uncovered the locations of two Titans of the Sun.

The expedition revealed some uncomfortable truths that prevented his return to Videha for a time, and many presumed he had died in the name of scholarship. He slowly returned to public life a more subdued and changed individual.

Shortly thereafter, upheaval struck the Eternal Solar Empire. The Emperor slaughtered thousands to ascend to semi-divinity and Ayodhya is slowly putting the pieces back together. Professor Pandava has finally returned to his old home and is trying to found a public University on the Mithilan model in parts of the Emperor’s old palace.

Sanjaya Pandava

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