Rama I

Immortal Emperor of the Eternal Solar Empire


The Immortal Emperor Rama I appears to be a young high elf in the prime of his years. He is prone to shifting and fickle fashions trending toward the elaborate and impractical, often incorporating elements such as masks with no eyeholes or corset-like garments that restrict him to near immobility. His court is, of course, required to reflect his sartorial tastes on any given day.


Rama I claims to be the same Rama who was Prince of Ayodhya during the Godswar, left behind to govern the Eternal Solar Empire while his father, Emperor Dasaratha, fought as a general in the armies of Surya. He has not appeared to change in the living memories of any of the high elves of his court, and he matches paintings and other images going back thousands of years. The devoted of Surya who flock to his court claim this as evidence of the weakness of the gods and the power of the imprisoned sun god, since true immortality is contrary to the Ban of Mahadeva, and seems to be enforced on everyone else.

There are, of course, many dark rumors by those who aren’t devoted to the Archfiend as to how this “trick” is done. Some claim a sequence of rulers magically altered to look the same. Some claim that Rama is a particularly well-preserved or magically disguised undead. Thus far, no conclusive evidence has been uncovered to indicate what is responsible for his unnaturally long reign.

Rama I

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