Elenwe Two-Toes



Elenwe is a gruff human woman with facial tattoos who seems entirely comfortable in the heavy armor of the Enlightened Knights.


Elenwe earned her epithet “Two-Toes” because of her incredible stamina that colleagues within the Enlightened Knights compare to that of a camel. They claim that she once walked from the Dawn Sea all the way to Mithila, in full armor, without stopping for food or water or rest. This claim is probably exaggerated, and she certainly never claims to have done so.

She has been assigned to the Thar Desert Expedition by the Royal University to act as its quartermaster, but really her task is to look after the University’s investment. The Regents are a little nervous sinking so many funds into one of Sanjaya Pandava‘s often ill-fated forays, and few of them have any confidence in Sanjaya’s actual desert-survival skills.

Elenwe Two-Toes

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